According to various reliable reports, it looks like the hit app game, Doodle Jump will be coming to Nintendo 3DS and DS later this year. This very successful Android and iOS app has reached upwards of 15 million downloads across the Android Play Store and iTunes since its release in 2009 and it looks set to hit Nintendo DS consoles with just as much impact.

Doodle Jump for joy

Developed by Lima Sky and Micro Application, the app has a hugely addictive, yet easy to navigate game play that is enjoyed by users of all ages. The premise of the game is simple; the player has to guide the doodle up a never-ending sheet of paper, dodging obstacles and combining clever jump combinations as the page gets longer and longer.

Jet packs and other handy tools help you propel the doodle higher and the aim of the game is to avoid falling, black holes, UFOs and other baddies that will cause you to lose your footing.

The higher you make your doodle jump, the bigger your score and the funky soundtrack makes this game even more enjoyable. Your little green spaceman-like doodle has to avoid all the obstacles in its path to reach even greater heights in order to achieve success. The mobile game is super addictive and the Nintendo version is guaranteed to be just the same.

You may want to consider selling your unwanted DS games that are old or not played just to make sure you have cash available to spend on the Nintendo version of Doodle Jump when it is released.

Extra Doodle Jump content

Sources have indicated that Doodle Jump for Nintendo DS will be a cartridge release, which has started a buzz of rumours regarding the possibility of additional content being added to the game. The current mobile app is very cheap to purchase, so a cartridge release might require additional content and added features in order to justify its cost.

Doodle Jump lends itself to so many other ideas and there are multitudes of different features that could be added to the levels to make the game more in-depth and suited to a cartridge release.

Lima Sky has also released different versions of Doodle Jump for mobile and the Doodle Jump Easter Special was a huge hit. For the first time, the game was more than just perpetual jumping; it featured 25 different egg themed stages that saw you work your way up a variety of moving platforms that were booby trapped to break, explode or simply disappear.

The aim of the game was to grab a colourful egg, all whilst avoiding the enemy. This gives Nintendo DS players an idea of what they could possibly expect when it comes to add-ons and special features that will turn the standard game into so much more.

When Doodle Jump reaches Nintendo DS, it’s bound to gather even more fans than it already has and players can look forward to an exceptional release that will excite and entertain DS players with every leap upwards.